• The commitment with nature and the protection of the environment are priorities of the project.

• From the 1.850 acres, more than 80% are destined to common spaces such as native forests, natural reserve, lake and golf course.


The project is located next to the protected natural area called “Rio Azul – Lago Escondido”, which has a surface of 198.000 acres, where it expands its boundaries and intermingles with nature. This natural reserve was created by the province in order to protect the forests of Patagonia and to create a biological corridor between Lanín and Lago Puelo National Parks.
Furthermore, inside the field of the project there is another natural reserve formed by different ecosystems such as forests, streams, prairies, and the Pedregoso river. The distribution of the residential area, which was designed following a concept of “windows towards the forest” where the plots of land are separated one from each other by spaces of natural reserve, enables residents to go round and enjoy the native flora and fauna with no restrictions.

There are several circuits that can be used to practice trekking, mountain bike, fourtrax, or horse riding targeted to the family and with different difficulty levels, both inside the premises as well as in the natural reserve.
Among these circuits, we can mention especially the visit to the plateau, which is an enormous plain located 5.900 fasl. Here, one can find snow even in summer and from this spot a privileged view of the glacier of the Cerro Perito Moreno and a panoramic view of the Andean region can be enjoyed.

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